Momentum Pilates, Kingston, Ontario
Your body. Your goals. Your needs.


Peggy Cuthbert

Peggy was frst introduced to pilates while training as a dancer over 25 years ago. In 1999, she certifed with STOTT PILATES and has continued to pass on her expertise, enthusiasm & passion for pilates throughout her journey... eventually opening her own studio, Momentum Pilates, which has been growing strong for over a decade.
Her desire to help people experience the life-changing benefits pilates can bring to everyday life has seen her advance her learning of the human body, becoming a Fascial Stretch Therapist.
Peggy’s goal for everyone she works with is always the same - to help them move through their daily lives with more strength and confidence in what their body can do.

Maria Cronk

I live in Kingston with my husband of 28 years and we have three beautiful grownup daughters. Together with my mother and brother we own three boutiques, Fancy That, Roundstone and Limestone and Ivy. I run the downtown stores and have been there for the last 25 years. I started teaching fitness 25 years ago and definitely have a love for the wider spectrum of fitness. I teach step, spinning, body sculpt, and Pilates. I love educating people about the importance of being fit as we get older. I also enjoy fitness with my family and we have done many running races and triathlons together and it is wonderful to spend time with them as we work out. I love the triathlon community in Kingston and the confidence it brings to many individuals. I love teaching Pilates since it is the basic foundation to building a strong and healthy core. I think having a strong core makes a happy and healthy body.

Pascale Dunn

Pascale has been involved in the fitness industry since 1996. What started as a way to stay fit quickly became a passion, and she became an instructor and personal trainer. After discovering all the benefits of pilates she took her Pilates Mat Instructor Training by Physical Mind Institute in 2001 and never looked back. She believes in the "stability before mobility and quality before quantity" approach and applies it to all her classes: Pilates, weight training, cardio and yoga. Pascale is currently in the process of working towards her Balanced Body Reformer Instructor certification and completed her Fascial Stretch Therapy Level I in 2019.

Gloria Feltham

Dancing since the age of three, Gloria's body was aching and in need of something else. During Aromatherapy training, Pilates was suggested and she was hooked. After certifying as a Stott Pilates Mat Instructor in 2000, Gloria also trained with Colleen Craig and Pilates on the Ball. In 2011, the Melt Method was introduced to her and she was off to New York to begin training with Melt Method creator, Sue Hitzmann, becoming the first instructor in Ontario. In 2015, Gloria and her husband Cliff left Toronto for Gananoque and she is thrilled to introduce more people to this self-treatment that helps alleviate the negative effects of daily living.

Emma Sutherland

Emma is a Pilates For Life/Movement For Health certified instructor and she trained with Amy Brown, an expert in the Pilates discipline. She also has a Movement Specialist certification from Body Harmonics Pilates in Toronto. Emma's motto "rest in stillness to stop doing and just be" is exemplified through her work in Pilates. She had been participating in Pilates classes to add balance to her demanding work life and over the course of 3 years discovered she had a real passion for it which led to her desire to teach others the Pilates Method and make a difference in their lives. Her experience includes teaching in a Community Centre and Yoga studio in Toronto, and at various locations in Kingston. Emma's classes are unique, fun and a good workout! With her learning mindset, Emma continues her Pilates education and is a member of CanFitPro. She has expanded her knowledge and skills through training, lectures and workshops on Postural Analysis, Functional Anatomy, Prenatal and Special Populations, Neurobiology of the Spine, Running Mechanics and Feet Fundamentals in Pilates, along with a number of specialized courses including Weight Loss Boost for Pilates. As a result, Emma looks forward to sharing new knowledge with clients to help them achieve their Pilates goals. Emma's Pilates goal? As a teacher, she is determined that each participant will leave her class with a smile on their face and feel longer, leaner and more balanced.

Susan Thurlow

Susan has been teaching classes for 30 years taking satisfaction from sharing her love of the industry with like-minded people and watching newcomers grow stronger and gain confidence in their own bodies. After dabbling in pilates for a few years and gaining an appreciation of its benefits for all age groups, Susan became certified as a Stott Pilates mat instructor in 2015. She is certified in TRX suspension training and as a fitness instructor with the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals. In addition to TRX and pilates, she teaches step, weight training and barre. She is a commercial banker and enjoys travelling and gardening when not in the studio.

Shannon Couto

Shannon has been in the fitness industry since becoming a certified Group Fitness Instructor in 1998. In 2000 she became a certified Personal Trainer, and is now in the process of obtaining her Mat and Reformer Instructor certifications through Balanced Body University. She is currently the Office Manager at Momentum Pilates and teaches mat and reformer classes. Her love of pilates grows every day, as a result of witnessing and experiencing the benefits pilates brings to the lives of all Momentum Pilates' members!